Text 25 Jul 60 notes I’m going to be completely honest with my feelings.

As much as I want justice, my biggest fear is that Dzhokhar is truly innocent.

Why fear?

The media has made him out to be a monster that bombed the Boston Marathon. They have influenced everyone to fully and whole heartedly believe that he is guilty.

You either think he’s innocent, or you think he’s guilty. Very few, like myself, stay neutral and believe that the evidence that they are withholding for the actual trail is the answer to if he is truly guilty or not.

So, let’s just say he goes free, innocent of all charges. Do you know what I think will happen then?

Just about all of America will still think he is a monster.

Just about all of America will still think he bombed Boston.

Just about all of America will call him a terrorist and damn his name straight to hell.

Now before you go on thinking that his “honor” is all I care about, you’re very wrong. Yeah, as messed up as it will be for him to live that life if he is truly innocent, we will have a much bigger problem.


If he is innocent that means that there is a man (or a group, I don’t fucking know) out there that bombed Boston. There is still a man, or group, out there that injured hundreds of people, killed two woman and a child.

And the whole world is going to be too busy grieving that the man the entire would has believed is guilty is walking free to even care or look for the true monster.

So yeah, I want justice. I hope Jahar gets justice. Innocent or guilty, he deserves it. His family deserves it. His friends. His classmates. America deserves it.

But deep inside of me I really want him to be guilty because then my heart won’t have to break every time I hear about the Boston bombings and know that those people will never go home to their families.

Krystle Campbell’s friends will never hear her laugh again. Her customers will never see her smiling face at work ever again.

Lingzi Lu will never find “the love in America” she wanted to. She’ll never be able to finish her college.

And Martin William Richard will never open another Christmas present again. His parents will never see their child grow up.

So for the sake of the lives effected, for the sake of the lives ended, I can’t condemn Dzhokar, his brother and all the others that this tag claims are innocent to die just because I want to believe he is guilty.

So I’ll stay neutral and I’ll wait for the trail. I’ll develop my own opinion then.

If he comes out guilty, and it was truly justice, my heart will be at ease knowing that it is over.

But if he comes out innocent, I will come to this tag with mixed tears of sadness and pride for you all and congratulate you all for fighting for him while my heart breaks for the families of Boston.

Photo 14 Jul 224 notes "Many r being silenced."
Are you?

"Many r being silenced."

Are you?

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No matter who you are, you fucking wave at a toddler saying “bye”

This made me giggle so much, she’s so cute and listening to her dad laugh just pushed me over the edge. 

This is too cute

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